Benefits of Using Technology for Education

Benefits of Using Technology for Education

Benefits of Using Technology for Education, technology is referred to as something that is able to provide convenience in various aspects. In terms of education, technology also has a considerable influence. These two things are increasingly inseparable because of their interrelated roles.

Some of the benefits of using technology in education have been felt not only by students, but also by educators. Here are some Benefits of Using Technology for Education :

Benefits of Using Technology for Education
Benefits of Using Technology for Education

Improving Using Technology for Education

Education is an aspect that is believed to open up opportunities to improve the quality of life. However, education that does not run optimally will also not have a good impact. Well, the existence of technology can be one way to improve the quality of education. Especially the quality of education in the country.

Technology can be used as a tool to facilitate the teaching process by educators. In addition, students can also use it to explore more knowledge. If the teachers and educators are able to use this technology well, the quality of education in Indonesia will also improve.

Learning support media

In teaching and learning activities, it is not uncommon for students to feel bored with the subject matter delivered monotonously. With technology, educators are now able to create alternative ways of teaching that are more interactive. For example, by showing the subject matter through more lively presentation slides or by videos that invite students to focus more on learning.

By applying learning innovations that are more lively than the presence of technology, it will be possible for learning in the classroom to be more enjoyable. Students will also be more enthusiastic to receive the subject matter.

Means of getting information

The benefits that can be obtained from other technologies are the ease of obtaining information. Often when doing assignments or getting material that is difficult to learn, students will tend to look for it through the given textbook. However, now there is also another alternative, namely through search engines thanks to advances in technology.

This facility is often used by almost all students and students. In fact, many educators use technology to find more information about a subject that will be delivered.

Usually, to get accurate information about a material, educators and students will refer to a website that has been trusted with a high level of accuracy. One of them is through online education portals such as which provides a myriad of information, both for school students, university students, and the general public.

Learning media without limitations

When in a condition full of limitations to get an education, technology is present as one of the saviors. For example, when the Covid-19 pandemic occurred at the beginning of the year, teaching and learning activities at schools had to be stopped for some time to avoid the spread of the corona virus.

In these conditions, technology has succeeded in becoming a medium that allows students and teachers to carry out the teaching and learning process without meeting face to face. Teachers and students can carry out the teaching and learning process via video conferencing , sending assignments and materials via group chats to email.

Indirectly, Covid-19 has made educators and students rely on technology 100 percent in the teaching and learning process. At first, it might take some getting used to because the online learning process is something new in the world of education. But, if viewed from the other side, technology has become a helper of learning media without any limitation of conditions.

So, those are the benefits that can be taken from the existence of technology in the world of education. There are so many benefits that can be obtained if technology is used properly and will certainly further improve the quality of education for the Indonesian people.